Anerlisa Muigai constantly running to IG is a huge reason her marriage failed

Anerlisa Muigai now has a failed marriage to add to her long list of failed relationships, one of which was rumoured to involve a female by the name of Natasha Johnson and whatever the truth is about that dalliance; one thing remains, she is the common denominator in all her relationships.

Anerlisa Muigai hinting why husband Ben Pol filed for a divorce?

So now we have a situation in which her marriage has gone belly up and she can only focus on herself to find the solution to their problem. However, that is not what we are seeing her do. There is no introspection taking on.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai is divorced at 30

What we are seeing, is an example of an issue that plagued her throughout her relationship: constantly running to IG for validation and reassurances when something isn’t going well in her personal life.

Anerlisa Muigai explains why she is still childless

And when Anerlisa Muigai gets the fish her bait was targeting, she starts complaining and bellyaching. You see, her marriage has come to a very public and humiliating end. Rather than taking the time to internalize what has happened, rather than taking the time to heal from what has happened then learn from the mistakes that led her to this point in life, she is busy posting nonsense on her IG account.

Anerlisa Muigai
Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai during happier days

Make no mistakes about it, I know that Anerlisa Muigai can very well post whatever the hell she wants on but in keeping with that sort of energy, I am free to see her post and realize that there is a separation to not be perceived as weak. So she has to yell out loud to let us know she is not hurting. And we all know that only hit dogs yelp.

“Start working hard for your own money” Anerlisa Muigai message to thirsty broke male followers sliding into her DM

You see, regardless of whether or not he is your cup of tea, Ben Pol is a top tier man: in earning and in social clout. He is a star and he comes from a poor family but the fact that he dragged himself out of Viguguti slums in Dar es Salaam is impressive.

Anerlisa Muigai
NERO company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai is a beautiful woman who cannot sustain a relationship. Why?

The Keroche Industry heiress managed to land him but whenever they had a tiff, she would always run to IG and drop his name from her bio. She would change her info to delete the fact she was married. She would always open the door into her relationship for her social media minions who would doubtless also serve the role of sending small jabs at her husband.

Ben Pol filing for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai surprises no one

Imagine that. You’re married to a woman and you have no qualms in letting the world know. Hell, you actually commit to her and want the world to know that you’re sacrificing your sexual strategy for the sake of being monogamous to one partner.
In return, every time you and your partner stumble, she runs to social media, a place she knows she gets a lot of sexual attention (whether unrequited or not is not the issue here) to get validation and hint at there being trouble at home.

Ben Pol
Man like Benpol decided he would rather be alone than married to Anerlisa Muigai

This is a big issue a lot of modern marriages face. The fact that absolute loyalty is demanded from men but their wives aren’t even asked for privacy. They can’t just keep things offline. To top it off, we all get the type of results we set out for. That is why she is getting thirsty men in her DMs.

Anerlisa would do well to be reminded that when a fisherman goes out fishing, he sets bait for the type of fish he wants. The reason why she is getting thirsty and dusty men is down to the type of content she is sharing on her IG. Which type of man would be proud of such behaviour from his partner?

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