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Anerlisa Muigai urging Netizens to quit alcohol, here’s where

July 05, 2022 at 10:16
Anerlisa Muigai urging Netizens to quit alcohol, here’s where

Keroche Heiress is not just not feeling the alcohol vibe despite her family having built a multimillion company that deals with alcoholic beverages.

Well from what we know is that the company is currently facing a number of issues following tax evasion amounting to hundreds of millions. With that kind of debt – it’s kinda obvious that Keroche breweries may take years to recover even after settling the tax debts.

Anerlisa Muigai

Anyway with that in mind, Anerlisa earlier this morning shared post urging fans to quit alcohol, something we never saw coming. Wait, isn’t she the heiress to multimillion Keroche breweries and now is telling people not to drink alcohol? How will the wealth stay in the family if they’re not selling?

On the post, Anerlisa wrote;

It only takes one day to decide, you know what from now onwards, I want to stop alcool addiction, opioids addiction, drug addiction, I’ll stop associating with people who do not help me positively, I’ll be more focussed with work, I’ll wake up early, work out, eat healthy, do getaways, put me first, you can also change your number if you feel you just want peace annd be private etc.

It’s your call

Being one who doesn’t drink (allegedly) Anerlisa went on to encourage her fans that it only takes a day to decide whether or not they can change themselves and choose better.

Tecra (left) with sister, Anerlisa Muigai (right)

This is probably because she may not have had the best experience with alcohol not forgetting that rumor has it; that her late sister fell off the staircase hitting her head hard hence causing injuries that led to her untimely death.

It only takes one day to decide. Do it for you not to prove to people, because if you do it to prove to people, you will not have peace of mind. We are all in a journey but the journey is up to us to decide what we want with it and how you want it to be.


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