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Anita Nderu and mzungu hubby expecting first child together (Photos)

May 30, 2022 at 12:31
Anita Nderu and mzungu hubby expecting first child together (Photos)

Anita Nderu has been keeping her pregnancy on the low, months after exchanging bows with her bae – Barrett Raftery; but thanks to the L’Oréal Paris event that went down to this past weekend – we can confirm that indeed Anita Nderu is pregnant.

Anita Nderu Raftery pregnant

However being one who has started practicing some privacy when it comes to her private life, the lass has kept the pregnancy on the low for months – but since mimba haifichiki… looks like she just hit that phase where she can’t hide it anymore.

This was also confirmed by fans in the comment section who kept pointing out at her swollen face; not forgetting her baggy outfits – probably aimed at hiding her baby bump.

Anita Nderu expecting first baby

At 31 and finally Anita Nderu is ready to embark on motherhood — a journey that I am positive will impact her life in the best possible way.

Although she has not spoken of her unborn baby or confirmed the ongoing rumors – below are a few photos showing her grown baby bump but in a baggy fashionable outfits.


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