Anita Nderu has managed to finesse her ex-boyfriend

Anita Nderu has managed to score the elusive holy grail of romantic dating -breaking up with her ex, Sunny and still managing to maintain him as a “friend”. That is a hell of a doosie!

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You need to understand that the equivalent is for a company to fire you then keep calling you to complain about your immediate replacement. How about that? Now can you see why Anita Nderu is just the one? She has managed to pull a fast one over a guy and make him all too willing to stick around and ingratiate himself to her and who knows, maybe, one day she will look to him favourably once again.

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Anita Nderu chose not to continue having a romantic dalliance with Sunny but instead look elsewhere for that and then keep getting the benefit of his affection. Think about it, no relationship ends out of mutual agreement. One party, and definitely not her, was left feeling some type of way. And as a result, that party is probably more than willing to remain a friend, and a good one at that, to help out.

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That is truly an awkward situation you would find yourself in if you were Sunny. Knowing that she will call you if she ever got stranded on the bypass one chilly Saturday morning at around 7 AM and you have pigeon-holed yourself into the “friend” position.

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But what am I if not a casual observer simply stating his opinion on a matter that doesn’t affect me? Whether or not Anita Nderu has managed to finesse her ex into playing contrary to his evolved instincts, whether or not Sunny has sacrificed his self-respect to stay in her sunshine a little longer is not going to affect the rate at which my chicken reproduce.

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Still, wouldn’t ever in a million year let this nonsense happen to me though.

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