Anita Nderu: I don’t know Swahili because my father banned sheng after my brother called him BUDA and he heard PUNDA

Former Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu has been under pressure from fans to speak Swahili.

Kenyans have been arguing that being as a journalist, she needs to understand that she has to speak at least Swahili to fully communicate with all her fans.

Speaking on NTV, Nderu, who will be turning 30 years soon, shared that she can’t speak Swahili because she has never spoken the language since she was a kid.


Anita said that Swahili was banned from their family by her father when she was young simply because her brother used a Sheng word ‘BUDA’ to refer to his father but father misinterpreted the word as ‘PUNDA’ donkey’.

Since that day, Anita’s dad made English the official language in the house.

Here’s the interview

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