Anita Nderu is right – not every first time mum experiences love at first sight with newborn

Anita Nderu and husband are proud parents of a 5 months old baby girl they named Peanut aka Kaya Gacheri Catalina Raftery. Celebrating the new milestone, Anita Nderu shared a detailed post through her instagram page appreciating the far they have come as parents.

Anita Raftery with husband and daughter

However what caught my attention is the fact that she admitted to something most mums fear and that is – not experiencing that love at 1st sight with her newborn. Okay, i know it sounds unreal or makes one look like a bad mum but truth is….70% of new mums can relate with this feeling.

Speaking on her experince, Anita Nderu said;

I’ll be honest, I didn’t experience the love at first sight everyone speaks of, mine was more like shock and fear and the will to learn. I thought something was wrong with me cause I didn’t experience that overwhelming love spoken of immediately.

How Motherhood works

You see Anita Nderu spent 9 months growing and bonding with her baby – but many will forget the many changes she went through this journey to motherhood.

So yea she probably experienced exhaustion following the birth of her baby girl. I can also bet she was completely overwhelmed having to learn skin-to-skin time, helping baby latch on her breast for the first time….and worse balancing the weight of her eyelids trying to stay alert for the newborn.

With all that fatigue, you too wouldn’t feel that love at first sight.

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