Anne Kansiime parades new sweetheart one year after breaking up with ex husband (Photos)

Anne Kansiime announced her marriage had hit rock bottom sometimes in November 2017. The Ugandan comedienne however didn’t specify what caused the split but several factors including finances, childlessness and power dynamics in the relationship were cited.

“That is a fact I earn much than him, but I don’t know if that is the reason he left. There could be other reasons that I will not get in to,” said Anne Kansiime in an interview in June 2018.

Kansiime and her ex husband Gerald Ojok were not blessed with a child for close to five years that they had been married.

Anne Kansiime and her ex husband Gerald Ojok
Anne Kansiime and her ex husband Gerald Ojok
New bae

Kansiime has once again fallen in love, this time round with Ugandan singer Skylanta. The comedienne officially introduced her sweetheart by sharing intimate photos of him and her kissing.

She captioned the photo “Rukundo Egumeho na akantukangye lazima” (May this feeling of love reign).


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