Annitah Raey finally speaks up day after calling it quits at Hot 96 (Video)

Image: Annitah Raey finally speaks up day after calling it quits at Hot 96 (Video)

Popular radio presenter, Annitah Raey hang her mic at Hot 96 FM yesterday in an expose about toxic bosses and toxic working environments.

A day later, she speaks about the consequences of holding onto toxicity when you have the chance to quit.

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Annitah Raey speaks up

Taking to her YouTube channel, Annitah, born Hannah Gaturu finally addressed the public, in a bid to clear the air about what actually transpired.

How it started, how she tried to cope through the difficult situation, when she decided she has had enough and what is her next step.

“First of all, I’m not playing victim. Second, I am not trying to make anyone look like a bad person. I’m just trying to be honest,” she starts off.

Annitah Raey speaks

Her issue is how society has forced individuals to keep quiet when deep down they are actually hurting.

Many a times, she got to the shower, crying and asking God whether she needs to keep that job that badly. Whether it was worth it at the expense of her sanity.

“I had complained about my work place issues genuinely for a while before I realized, I was going to lose my mind. I just took leave, went sat down by the beach and asked myself what am I fighting for?” she explains.

Annitah Raey

She was no longer herself, always angry and hated going to work, despite her love for radio.

“It’s really hard when you have to go on air to make other people happy. So you go through personal issues, then come to a work environment where you are not supported, you’re not appreciated and you’re being stressed. You are gonna die!” she cautions.

Former radio presenter, Annitah Raey

According to her, not one, not two cases of media personalities sinking into depression and drug addiction have swamped the headlines.

Responding to claims that she was fired for being drunk and lazy at work stating;

“I don’t have a warning or suspension letter. Nothing. I came back and gave a resignation letter. I was not drunk or late to work. This has been piling up for a while since December 2019/March 2020. A lot of negative vibes, someone frustrating you outside the office, etc.”

Ex-Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey

Further questioning individuals who threaten and use peoples weaknesses against them.

Just have a listen;

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