Annitah Raey Begs For Employment Just Months After Quitting Radio Job, Narrates Health Struggles

Content creator and radio personality Annitah Raey has opened up on her struggles after quitting radio job in October last year. To begin with, her health has been diminishing. The former Hot 96 Radio presenter is not feigning illness and has been struggling for weeks. After quitting her radio job, things haven’t gone very well for her.

Her reason for quitting was due to a toxic work environment, which she revealed months ago.

”I had complained about my workplace issues genuinely for a while before I realized, I was going to lose my mind. I just took leave, went sat down by the beach, and asked myself what am I fighting for?”

Annitah Raey Remorseful

Annitah Raey (centre) with colleagues at Hot 96FM including Jeff Koinange(to her left) and Prof Hamo (to her right).

Quitting the job was probably not a good idea for her; as she has now found herself begging for a job. On her Instagram, she narrates how hard the past few works have become for her.

She wrote;

”Am my biggest critic… I wake up at two am and lecture myself to kingdom come… The last two days was heavy..
I left work in October…I have no idea how I have survived to be Honest. God is grateful I have never slept hungry..
Well I choose my mental health and I have kept it…
Sadly I feel at the edge… I feel am losing it…

I always hold it together life taught me that.. But since 4 am.. I couldn’t breathe well; I’ve been getting crazy panic and anxiety attacks the last two weeks..
I need help to be honest I just don’t know where to start with asking for it…Asking for help is hard AF..
Anyway I need a job. Am bloody good at content creation…”


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