Annitah Raey reveals the special gift she would give her boyfriend on Valentines Day, that is if she had one!

Image: Annitah Raey finally speaks up day after calling it quits at Hot 96 (Video)

Annitah Raey is not only known for her talented radio voice; but also for her skills as a mum. Unlike other mums, Annitah Raey is as real as they come and I guess her only problem is that she rarely filters whatever comes out of her mouth.

So far we have seen her bash her former bosses at hot 96 for being toxic; and if you thought anyone can scare her then read the post below directed to her former employees.

  So I resigned, which is the best decision I have made in my 30 years. Toxic bosses are something I need to talk about, I have never ever ranted about my personal life online. I have never ranted about my work either. I am not about to start today, but I have learned to choose myself above any job because if I died today then someone will replace me tomorrow. I choose my sanity.

Valentine’s Day gift

Away from that, it’s no secret that most men fear Annitah Raey. Not because she can literally punch a man on his face; but because she is smart – and unlike the naive needy type of women some men are used to – Annitah is the opposite.

As Valentines approaches, the mum of two has shared a post talking about the type of gift she would give her boyfriend; that is if she had one in the first place.

Of course this is for fun and games; but seeing how unpredictable Annitah Raey is – who knows! She might gift him a calculator then. Anyway she wrote;

If I had a man. I would buy him a calculator on Valentines for him to count how lucky he is to have me.

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