Another hardcore thug warns killer cop Hessy as police officer is shot by Dandora gang (Photo)

A shootout between police and gangsters in Mowlem, Dandora on Wednesday afternoon left one dead. Police zeroed in on the thugs’ position in a house before they exchanged fire.

Police were responding to calls about a gang harassing and robbing residents in Dandora when the deadly shootout happened.

Police managed to shoot and kill one of the gangsters even as three others fled the scene. A police officer was also shot and seriously injured on both of his legs during the incident.

Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome has confirmed the incident; he said that the dead thug was armed with Taurus pistol which was loaded with four bullets.

Meanwhile another tough thug has stepped forth to issue threats to Hessy; Alkalaine Sparta Bwoy took to Facebook to dare Hessy to venture into his territory in Kayole.

Alkalaine Sparta Bwoy

“Hessy mkun** ya umbwa kufika roots za mine ndio utakubali mbona ku** za wa**ka uanga na uchafu. tembeza mkun** but mwenye atakaribia basement za mine atajikuta hana mbo**. Ku** wewe.” Alkalaine Sparta Bwoy wrote.



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