Anwar Loitiptip and Aeedah Bambi: baby trapping a man doesn’t lead to marriage

Image: Saumu and Senator Anwar expecting first child together

Seeing as the weekend came with news of Anwar Loitiptip and Aeedah Bambi are now married, Saumu Mbuvi’s friends need to check up on her because only sweet jesus can help heal that one.

Saumu Mbuvi discloses heartbreaking details about the birth of youngest daughter with ex, Senator Anwar Loitiptip

You see, it was not more than two years ago that Saumu Mbuvi and her then man, Anwar Loitiptip had welcomed their baby together and were talking about settling down and him making an honest woman out of her by marrying her.

Saumu Mbuvi with dad, Mike Sonko (holding his granddaughter) and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip

The pair would often not miss an opportunity to let us know that they were in love with each other and they were loving the attention their fairy tale relationship had garnered for them -until we found out that Anwar had dumped her and was now with her friend, Aeedah Bambi.

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The scandal first spilt over to social media where Saumu Mbuvi who is disgraced former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter revealed that their explosive relationship had a lot of violence and it was all due to infidelity on their part.

Anwar Loitiptip

Anwar Loitiptip on his part did something daft after this. He actually confirmed that he had indeed assaulted her but he accused her of being bipolar to justify his actions. that said a lot about the glittery relationship they portrayed on social media.

¨Lamu Senator Anwar is responsible for my pregnancy¨ an excited Saumu Mbuvi screams

Whatever the past had witnessed, Anwar is now a happily married man and this goes a long way to prove that any smart woman should never carry before she marries. It really isn’t a revolutionary concept but yet in today’s world, we seem to celebrate it less and less. Do not carry before you marry.

You see, Saumu Mbuvi seems to have decided that the best strategy for keeping a man is by first bearing a child for them. That is why she is a single mother of two children by two different men and not so much as an engagement ring to show for it.

Saumu Mbuvi: Incapability to remain single will make her a serial baby mama

Aeedah Bambi, for all her faults, managed to get to the finish line with Anwar Loitiptip because she, unlike her former friend, learnt from her lesson. The two ladies are single mothers but Bambi learnt that she should not bear children for any man who has not committed to her.

Perhaps Aeedah Bambi has something Anwr values that he did not get from Saumu Mbuvi. Perhaps it is peace of mind. Maybe it is cooperation or maybe it is not having a powerful father figure looming over the relationship.

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Whatever the case may be, I need to reiterate the moral of the story, do not carry before you marry. Make sure your partner has committed to you before you give him offspring.

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