Aoko Rejects Government Blogging Offer, Plans YouTube Channel

Controversial blogger Scophine Aoko, also known as Maverick Aoko, has rejected a Sh100,000 a month blogging offer from the government and instead plans to start a YouTube channel.

In a post on the X platform, Aoko suggested she would rather sleep hungry than get the job. She also alleged that the government turned a blind eye on her when she earlier needed the job, but she did not offer any proof to support this claim.

Aoko, who vehemently campaigned for President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) faction in the run-up to the 2022 presidential elections, wrote:

“There’s no woman on Kenyan soil dissecting politics and lifestyle on YouTube. I’m ready to be the first. We will make money our way now… I need a producer and equipment. I have full intel about these politicians!”

Recently, Aoko announced that she would be quitting politics and taking a leave from Nairobi City to get ‘a breath of fresh air’ from all her politically linked woes.

“Mimi na siasa, kaput! (Me and politics, we are done!) And this is my conclusive tweet on the matter. Sitawai ongelea tena (I will never speak on this again). It will also be my Hail Mary tweet in a while because I’m leaving X and Nairobi for a stretch. Nikirudi, tuongee mambo mengine (When I return, let’s talk about other things),” she wrote.

Her decision came after she alleged the government ‘threw her under the bus’ and ‘failed’ to honour their part of promise to educate her through University and offer her a job.

She went on to brand politicians liars and selfish for only caring about their personal interests involving relevance and power while jobless people like her were lied to ‘like ping pong.’

“Some of us who were jobless and were lied to as if it is ping pong, why wouldn’t it affect our mental health? If they hadn’t pledged, you’d understand. Someone in State House giving you spurious promises. That ‘I was tasked to take care of you.’ Then later tells you, si ni ule mtu wenyu pale interior ameleta mchezo (it is that man at the Interior who is bringing drama). Kwanza ukiskia, ‘Mtu wenyu’ (especially when you hear someone from your tribe), it hurts 50 times more these Kaleoz!” she added.

Prior to cutting ties with the Kenya Kwanza politicians and taking a social media hiatus, Ms Aoko revealed that she attempted suicide due to loneliness and depression. On the first attempt, her house manager found her and saved her life. She claimed to have asked for help online but all she received was insults and the idea of attempting another suicide came to her.

In addition, she apologized to the opposition leader Raila Odinga, and his family for her vulgar behaviour towards them. Ms Aoko hurled insults at Mr Odinga’s children using their health problems and sexual identity in her posts.

“I burnt bridges for UDA. I even attacked Raila’s children. Who does that? Baba. I’m sorry!” read parts of her writeups.

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