Armed bandits working for Mackenzie oversaw starvation at Shakahola-Kindiki

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has disclosed that followers of Pastor Paul Mackenzie who altered their opinions once they began to hunger were slain.

Kindiki claimed that Mackenzie had employed armed thugs to keep an eye on the starved followers.

The supervisors would either strike them with a blunt object or strangle them to death if they changed their minds, he claimed.

The CS informed senators that while the majority of victims perished from malnutrition, a sizeable portion also did so through blunt object injuries or a lack of oxygen.

On Friday, Kindiki testified before the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Proliferation of Religious Organizations.

Since the horrifying cultic events were discovered on April 14, around 241 remains have been retrieved from shallow graves in the woodland.

On the first 112 bodies, autopsies revealed that the majority of the victims had died from malnutrition.

Kindiki added that his officers have located further mass graves.

“Satellite photos have revealed more mass graves exist. Ten mass graves are certain to exist, he said.

He expressed certainty that all bodies would be found and that those who were still alive would be saved. When everything is finished, Kenyans will be informed, he claimed.

“We will tell Kenyans the magnitude, the numbers, and all they need to know,” he continued.

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