‘Arresting Him Is Like Treason’-Babu Owino Warns Government Against Arresting Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga was teargassed on Monday following the pre-planned protests that involved netizens taking to the streets to ‘take action’.

Raila spearheaded the demos after he claimed that netizens had had enough of the current government for raising the cost of living. Further, baba continues to claim that he was rigged victory of last year’s elections.

For the latter reasons, a section of netizens inclined to his cry. The streets of Nairobi and Kisumu were filled to the brim by baba’s supporters; preparing for the demos.

Politician Babu Owino

Babu Owino being one of his biggest supporters, shows immense support for him. And for the demos, Owino claims baba shouldn’t be arrested at any point.

He divulged the same in a recent interview, where he purported that the thought of arresting him would be treason.

”Harbouring an intention to arrest baba amounts to treason. If you want this country to go down, try to arrest baba. Just even utter that you want to arrest Raila.”

Raila yesterday announced that the protests would go run on Mondays and Thursdays. Following the protests, Riggy G was displeased and accused former President Uhuru for being involved in the protests by helping to fund it. Watch Owino’s sentiments here

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