Arrogance or feminism? Lilian Muli forced to explain her single status

Image: Lilian Muli

Being a single mum of two boys from different dads hasn’t been an easy thing for Lilian Muli who continues to struggle with her love life.

For some reason even her own fans can’t seem to understand why she remains unmarried or rather single,  despite all that beauty and brains.

One of her die hard fans on Twitter identified as Mwalimu Kevin Mokungutook to his social media pages to express how he feels for the TV star; not forgetting to ask whether or not her single status are a result of arrogance or feminism.

Lillian Muli why is such a beauty roaming this earth single? Lillian Muli was the first girl I fell in love with that was in 2005 when I was in class one. I used to admire her beauty. I remember every 9:00 p.m. news I would force my father to tune to KTN news just to have a glimpse of her

What could be the problem?

The concerned fan went on to further question why a woman like her is chasing after men  – when she is the one who should be chased;

Today it pains me to see the woman that I used to admire a lot is now chasing after men instead of the opposite. What went wrong? Is it arrogance or pride or is it feminism?

Adding that we’re it not for their age difference – he’d have never let her be single.

If only I was born early and gone to the same university as Lillian Muli currently I don’t think she will still be single. I know we don’t have perfect beings people make mistakes people forgive each other that is life. I would have fought for my marriage.

I am not single

Well with such a long post dedicated to Lilian Muli, for once she replied revealing her relationship status; and unlike we had earlier been told – turns out Lilian Muli is not single.

Yes, she now has a loving man by her and unlike before she now prefers keeping him on the low.

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