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“I have asked Diamond to man up and take responsibility if the child is his” Zari Hassan opens up!

September 13, 2017 at 10:06
"I have asked Diamond to man up and take responsibility if the child is his" Zari Hassan opens up!

Seems that their is a lot to go down now that Hamisa Mobetto is about to unveil her son’s face. With his 40 days celebrations around the corner, Zari Hassan has come out claim that she has been discussing with her man about the child he is said to have fathered.

Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Speaking on Phone with Ugandan tabloid the lady went on to say that she has been asking the Tanzanian artist about the child but he keeps on insisting that he is not the father. According to Diamond Platnumz the boy is Hamisa Mobetto’s ex boyfriend who also fathered their 1st born daughter.

However as much as she wants Diamond Platnumz to come out clean, she cannot force him to take responsibility when he says the child is not his.

Listen to the audio below courtesy of the celeb chronicles Instagram.

?????? ISSSA LIE!!!!! ALL OF IT ???? Don’t be fooled y’all ????? She knew everything from the jump ??? This is just damage control from his team and her saving the little bit of face she has left ????? It’s all distractions ? so don’t buy it ??? They are doing this to discredit Hamisa by any means necessary ????? If you ask me ??‍♀️ they are doing a pretty good job ?? by convincing us who Hamisa child father is ???????? Their game plan is to have her crying for public sympathy ?? so she can say @diamondplatnumz lied to me and said “He wasn’t the father” ?? . Let it sink in y’all ??? If this isn’t his child ?? Why wouldn’t she ask Diamond to take a paternity test ???‍♀️ just to prove the rumors are false ?? I know for for sure if “someone” is accusing my “Man” of fathering her child ?? you best believe there’s going to be multiple DNA test ?????? . Why wouldn’t @diamondplatnumz himself voluntarily ?? ask for a “DNA test” ????? Come on y’all this shit is too easy ????? They just trying anything at this point to see what sticks ????? Desperate times call for desperate measures ???? Now ask yourselves ??? How does she know so much about Hamisa ??‍♀️ if she’s so much of a cheap hoe and not a factor ????? Let it sink in ???? • How many more days till the 40 y’all ??☕️ This Telenovela episodes just keeps getting juicier ?????????????????? . . . *Translation* • She said Diamond has denied Hamisa many times and the child ???? And Hamisa’s first baby father @majizzo is the father of her baby ( I’m fucking hollering ???????? But he’s afraid of @elizabethmichaelofficial ?? (This shit is too comical ????) And he pays Hamisa rent and takes care of her ?? But here’s the good part ☕️? She told Diamond ? if it’s his ?? He needs to Man Up and take responsibility ?????? But she can’t force him because he keeps on insisting it’s not his child ??????????

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