At some point Willy Paul needs to take responsibility of his baby making

Image: Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

Willy Paul seems to be destined to become Kenya’s Future if he keeps up with his pace of getting children. I get it, we are African so we are going to delude ourselves that children are a blessing but in truth they are not a blanket blessing.

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And someone really needs to pull Willy Paul aside and tell him to start wrapping up. Apart from the obvious risks of sexually transmitted infections, the biggest risk is the fact that it is an expensive endeavour. Yup, children are a blessing when they are properly planned for but when they aren’t, they become a chain and ball.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul’s Caucasian baby mama and daughter

Willy Paul got a son by his first baby mama about two years ago. From there, it would have been apparent to all that he needed to chill on that vibe. Why? Because he had just taken on an immense responsibility. Apart from financial responsibility, he also had to be a father. And that takes effort and time.

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Willy Paul, however, has just unleashed the shocker that he has a second child, a daughter, and I shuddered. I have a mentor who told me he has one regret: not being with the mother of his children because maintaining two households is an expensive undertaking. And at this point my mind wanders to Willy Paul who now would be taking care of three households.

willy paul

With the way entertainment is such a fickle mistress, it cannot be said that Willy Paul has a steady source of income that he can rely on. He should be using his premium years to save up the money he is making (because he is one of the most sought after artists in Kenya0 and then figure out a business he can invest in. Instead, he is going to be buying diapers and baby feed.  Then when this is over, he is going to have to figure out where school fees will be coming from.

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And if Willy Paul doesn’t have a mentor, he just needs to look at what happened to Daddy Owen to understand where I am coming from. No, not because he is marrying a single mother but because he can get to understand what happens when the once hottest artist in Kenya starts being starved of shows and the money that translates from them.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

You see, like Pozzee, Daddy Owen was once the hottest commodity in Kenyan entertainment. He was a star who even got to work extensively with corporations like Safaricom. While this lasted, he was able to keep his family’s financial needs sated. Until he wasn’t able to. And if Willy Paul uses his buruwein, he needs to begin to plan for the possibility of this happening. But ultimately, time will tell.

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