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Avoid Married Men- Jalang’o & Kamene Goro Advice Young Girls With Sponsors (Video)

January 18, 2022 at 13:28
Avoid Married Men- Jalang'o & Kamene Goro Advice Young Girls With Sponsors (Video)

Everyone admires living a flashy lifestyle filled with exorbitant material wealth and loads of cash. Youths would do peculiar things just to match the sleek Instagram lifestyle of celebrities and whatnot. We’re well aware of young girls, especially campus girls, yearning to be in Dubai on a yacht; yet they don’t have the cash to do so.

The cheapest option they’d go for is a rich ‘mubaba’ to fund their lavish lifestyles. Most of them are married men with families. But the girls don’t give a damn on this. They’d rather trade their bodies with the cash.

On some occasions, some end up losing their lives. Let’s not mention names, but this has been the trend. Recently, Citizen TV reported about a young girl whose body was found by the roadside stuffed in a suitcase; with writings which read ‘Bwana ya mtu ni sumu’ (A person’s husband is poison).

Jalang’o And Kamene Advice

Kiss FM radio presenters Jalas and Kamene weighed in on the paramount issue and admonished young girls to avoid married men.

”Bwana ya mtu ni sumu. so clearly someone was not happy with an interaction of sorts. It’s getting extremely tricky. Marriages, please, don’t touch them,” Kamene shared.

Jalang’o reiterated the same and warned young people against mingling with married couples.

Watch the full video below;


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