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“Avril is fake and has no talent!” Popular Tanzanian singer blasts ‘uko’ hit maker

July 13, 2017 at 12:47

This is the first time we are hearing someone claim that Avril from Kenya has no talent.

Well, not everyone will be your fan or support what you do and this what one Tanzanian singer by the name of AT did to ‘Nikimuona‘ hit maker during his recent interview.

According to A.T, Avril is just a basic singer with no talent and he questions why most Tanzanian artist always wish to work with her despite her lack of talent.

Speaking to CloudsFM in Tanzanian the singer says he discovered this after working with Avril in a song that is yet to be released.

This was however a few years ago and since Avril did not deliver as expected he opted to keep the Jam on the low as he feared wasting the good beat on a project that was not going anywhere.

We are not quite sure whether the two have any personal issues…. but all I can say that -it’s a shame to have a man like him speaking ill of a woman in public since once you disrespect a woman in public, then who will teach the youth to respect women in the society.

This is what he said;


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