Avril Nyambura reveals the most expensive gift she has been offered and why she chose to reject it, we are talking about millions!

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Most women would never reject a gift worth millions…I mean, neither would I… but sultry singer Avril Nyambura has come out to reveal the most expensive present she was once offered by a man and she chose to reject it there and then!

Avril Nyambura with J Blessing
Avril Nyambura with J Blessing

Speaking during a live Instagram session with Mpasho (while on an interview) Avril says that she had a man who was willing to buy her a car but she did not feel the need of accepting it. She went on to add that such gifts always come with ‘rules’ that she would have to adhere to, something she is not ready to do. She said,

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There is a man who wanted to buy me a car but I can’t accept such kind of gifts, because when he gets you a house, he can come walk in, if it’s a car he can just take it. I try hard not to tie myself to such kinds of commitments especially when I’m not sure of what kind of a relationship we have or what its leading to.

Well, I am pretty sure that the lass by now has enough money to buy herself such gifts and being an indepedent woman she wouldn’t want to find her self in a position where she would have to break her own rules just to impress a man because he got her a house or a car.

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