Avril’s allegedly baby daddy angrily denies he’s planning a wedding, wants to marry a model

Kenyans have been closely monitoring gospel producer J Blessing and singer Avril to see whether the two will drop any hint that they are dating. Sources have been strongly pointing out that the popular producer might actually have fathered Avril’s baby.

Well, it seems JB still has a lot to explain after word emerged that he’s currently planning a secret wedding with a model.

Long rant

According to Kiss, the producer has been inviting his friends for the wedding but was in no mood to share the details. He fired back with a long rant when approached on the issue.

“If someone wants to talk about themselves, they will talk about themselves, or even call you to tell you about them and what to publish. So wait till that time I will want to talk about myself, I call and ask for the interview myself.” he said when asked on the issue.

J blessing

“You know me as a video director and not a celebrity because I don’t sing and I am not your friend. I do not advertise myself because I am not a politician or a singer You asking me about my wedding does not make sense because like I said, you are not my friend and so if I want to publicize myself I have channels like Youtube and Facebook.”

He went on with the rant.

“Na nikitaka kuanika kitu, nitaandika na niseme (If I want to publicize someone, I will post it there with the highlights that) this is what I am doing. I do not need media to publicize myself, if I need it, I will call the relevant people and tell them to write that about me.”


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