Azziad Nasenya blasted for using excessive filters on photos (Screenshot)

Instagram sensation Azzaid Nasenya has come under attack for using excessive filters on her photos to fool her fans that she is light skinned.

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Taking to Instagram, Steve Muriuki, a popular social media personality and meme lord, claimed that the 20-year-old journalism student is only light skinned when she uses her phone to take photos of her.

Azziad Nasenya

However, when other personalities or random fans take photos of her, she does not appear to be light, meaning that she could easily be mistaken for someone else.

Azziad anakuanga mweupe tu ile time amepiga picha na simu yake,” he wrote.

The post attracted mixed reactions, while some castigated Steve for cyberbullying, others seemed to agree with him and claimed that they had also noticed the same.

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