Azziad Nasenya gorgeously parades enviable bikini body in sunny thirst trap photos

Image: Azziad Nasenya parades enviable bikini body in sunny thirst trap photo

For the few that can still enjoy the hot Kenyan weather while it still lasts, then they havent thought twice about it.

Following the entry of COVID-19 in the Kenyan borders, social activities were deemed a no-go zone. With extroverts forced to adapt to the new way of life – simply all indoors unless you must really go out.

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Something that has not been easy on many and soon as the strict social measures were let loose a bit, then celebrities have flocked social places without giving it a second thought.

TikTok Queen, Azziad Nasenya

Well, because you never know how long the freedom might last.

It has now been a trend in the Kenyan celebrity industry to proudly show off that bikini body, your way and by your own rules as majority learn to appreciate themselves as they are.

Azziads thirst trap

Most recently is a dear petite Azziad Nasenya who has gone all in, to parade her sexy bikini chocolate body in a series of thirst trap photos, leaving little to imagination.

Ms Azziad Nasenya’s chic look

The Internet sensation decided to let fans in on what a good weekend vibe feels like if the sun agrees to cooperate.

She started off with a 3-piece casual wear that left some good layer of her skin out, in a fancy, exciting weekend affair.

Azziad Nasenya sassy weekend vibes

Then came the booty short edition.

Before dropping the bomb with a series of thirst trap photos, locked in suggestive 2-piece bikini collections that have only sparked crazy ideas among fans.

Azziad Nasenya graciously flaunts her enviable bikini body

Be it the Team Mafisi or female fans who cannot help but envy the coveted female bikini body that the Western world has set as a standard.

Azziad Nasenya looking like a million bucks!

Well, there you have it!

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