Azziad Nasenya’s rate-card exposes the jealousy in Kenyans

As Azziad is discovering, Kenyans are a peculiar bunch. We are more than happy to support people on their come-up but the minute they succeed, we are the first to tear them down.

Savage! Azziad Nasenya mercilessly claps back at haters in style (Video)

When she first appeared on the scene, aside from inflaming the desires of thirsty men, she was also met with unbridled support. And we as a people were more than happy to follow and share Azziad’s videos.

Multi-talented actress, Azziad Nasenya

She then evolved from just being a dancer on social media and in an evolution that has me in admiration, she showed acumen by converting the attention she got into more than simple-minded clout but using it to launch her brand.

100k per post! Azziad Nasenya’s exaggerated online rates leaves Kenyans in shock

You see, she was already an actress but now with the attention her brand was attracting, most production houses decided they wanted in on her clout. And now she is even setting her eyes on the advertising sector and attempting to take a professional direction right from the start, complete with a rate card.

Acclaimed dancer, Azziad Nasenya

And what have Kenyans decided to do on realizing that the girl has some serious ambition? They have not only baulked but they are now adopting their crab in the bucket mentality and talking smack about her and her rates.

Azziad Nasenya’s new hustle to give big industry names a run for their time and money

Azziad now is “delusional” for having an expensive rate card and rather than accepting that maybe she isn’t targeting you and your business, Kenyans are saying her rates are too exorbitant. Why? because it seems to rub Kenyans the wrong way when someone that was beneath them aspires for greater. We are more than happy to help when you are less than us and we do indeed want whats’s best for you but not in enough quantities to make you move beyond our capacities.

Tik Tok sensation, Azziad Nasenya

Because at the end of the day, Azziad’s rate card is simply that, her rate card. And simple economics will come into play to determine whether or not it is viable. That is all Kenyans need to trust. Well, that and God and keep things moving.

Advertisers are clearly seeking her services. She is the “it” girl and she has a substantial following on social media complete with the title of  “most followed Kenyan on TikTok” so she has the leeway to set the prices of her services. If her prices are jacked up, then the market will correct it all on its own without your catty “hot takes”.

Let the young girl shine and shine bright.

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