B Classic’s Interest In Shakilla Will Only Bring Him Trouble

B Classic is trying to be Shakilla’s saviour after the damsel recently lamented that no one is interested in her. Through her Instagram, she wrote;

“So out of all my goddamn followers, no one wants to enter into a serious relationship with me?” Captioned Shakila as she added several crying emojis to her post.

She continued to ask if single life was forever her portion, “Was I meant to be in the streets for life?” The last of Shakila’s posts read.

B Classic To The Rescue

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Singer B Classic went ahead to show interest in Shakilla after learning that she’s desperate.

He however, gave Shakilla a few conditions if he’s to take her in.

“Shakila! Shakila! I have seen you want to leave the streets, see the thing is I am also in the market and I can take you in and I give you a good life”Started the musician.

“But are you willing to change? I’ll cater for everything‚Ķ. As long as I see you becoming a church girl.


The numerous red flags that Shakilla exhibits to the public would definitely leave B Classic to the lurch. He should opt to go fore a better chick than Shakilla.

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