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Baba DJ Evolve denies dropping son’s case against Babu Owino for money

December 17, 2021 at 13:43
Baba DJ Evolve denies dropping son’s case against Babu Owino for money

John Orinda who is DJ Evolves dad has come out to speak after rumor had it that he traded his son’s case against Babu Owino for money. From what people are saying is that Evolve’s dad settled for the money and not justice for his son; but again, he says many will not understand.

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Speaking to Standard Digital, Mr John Orinda denied the allegations saying he is a Christian man who wouldn’t accept any bribe; but having sat down and discussed a more thoughtful settlement – he opted to accept the help offered by Owino and his team. He said;


I hear some people claiming that I exchanged my son’s case for money. What do people take me for? A callous man who would sell his son’s welfare the way a farmer would sell his goat at the market? I am a Christian, and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to do that.

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My son comes first – John Orinda

According to Mr Orinda, he is aware that most people would have preferred having Babu Owino behind bars; but that wouldn’t have benefitted his son in any way – that is in terms of medical bills, movement and even where he resides.

The fella who recently lost his wife following some complications, explained himself saying;

I know there are people who would wish to see Babu Owino in jail. But, what would we gain if he is sent to prison and my son dies?



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