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Babu Owino discussing fighting Otile Brown for MP seat proves Kenya is broken

September 10, 2020 at 09:32
Babu Owino discussing fighting Otile Brown for MP seat proves Kenya is broken

Babu Owino is a great example of why many people have lost faith in not only the judiciary but Kenya as a whole. That is why so many of our most creative minds, our most analytic minds, so many of our best and brightest take the first opportunity to leave the country and never look back. If anything, their families celebrate them for doing so.

Babu Owino ready to battle Otile Brown for the Embakasi East seat (Videos)

To understand what I am rambling about, allow me to dredge up an occurrence from the not so distant past in which Babu Owino actually took aim at and shot DJ Evolve while they were partying at a club the DJ was working at.

babu owino

Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino

From what we have seen on the videos that were shared around, there wasn’t an altercation nor was Babu Owino’s life threatened. He just pulled out his gun and shot DJ Evolve in the neck. The chilling occurrence was further explained to have been a falling out over the fact that Babu Owino had requested for a song that DJ Evolve didn’t feel well placed in his set so he declined to play the song.

Babu Owino deserves no sympathy

Babu Owino was cool and calm in the manner in which he conducted himself as he shot Evolve, not knowing whether or not the DJ would survive and I would posit that he didn’t care. However, the matter is currently in court and has been pushed off in a manner we all as Kenyans recognize -laws for thee, none for me. Or simply put, wanyonge hawana haki.

Babu Owino

Babu Owino to cater for DJ Evolve´s medical bill

It is, therefore, an indictment of our society when you see Babu Owino busy talking about taking the fight to Otile Brown when it comes to fighting for the Embakasi East parliamentary seat rather than him focusing on beating his legal case. It is quite telling that he is focused on politics rather than fighting for his freedom. It’s almost as though the court’s decision is a foregone conclusion. And that is troubling.

Court issues fresh orders on DJ Evolve’s case following Babu Owino-DPP clash

We can talk about setting worrying precedence but this is nothing new in Kenya.

And this is proof that Kenya is indeed a broken society. We cannot even expect the courts to hand out justice. We are instead left to fend for ourselves and pray that we never find ourselves in DJ Evolves shoes because though he is lucky to have survived, he is currently paralyzed.

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