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Babu Owino opens up on gambling to pay fees while in the University

August 22, 2019 at 08:46
Babu Owino opens up on gambling to pay fees while in the University

Embakasi East lawmaker, Babu Owino indulged in betting while pursuing his first degree in the University.

Speaking to an NTV reporter, the vocal MP recalls the day he gambled and won a whooping Ksh 100,000 which actually paid up his fees and graduated.

Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino undertook a parallel programme at the University of Nairobi from 2018 right through to 2012. He studied Actuarial Science, scooping a First Class Honors at the end of his 6 years.

Babu further disclosed that gambling has seen him through this far. Therefore, should not have the youth denied such opportunities that could do the same for them too.


In defense of the betting industry, he believes these are job opportunities for the youth especially having in mind the current tough economic times and minimal job opportunities.

Whatever little the youth can get, the government takes it away from them by shutting the firms down.

All he asks for is for the government to give closing betting firms, a second thought.

The youthful politician has been at the forefront campaigning for ‘fairness’ in the betting industry. One he alleges is hindered by conflict of interest and vulnerable to interference from senior government officials.

Earlier on, the member of parliament pinned the blame on the Interior CS, Dr Fred Matiangi whom he believes decided to revoke the licenses based on the ‘waging war for personal gain’.

So far, only 10 betting firms that had been listed have had their licences restored after complying with the government’s regulations.


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