Babu Owino risks impeachment as city lawyer takes up case against DJ Evolve

The viral case of DJ Evolve’s subjection to bed imprisonment after a fatal shooting incident in January this year, has attracted legal action against the Embakasi East MP who is currently a free man.

Tuesday morning, the Internet erupted as Kenyans came out to demand for justice of a bed-ridden DJ Evolve and his family following his tear-jerking interview with NTV last evening.

This has seen Advocate of the High Court, Robi Chacha take a step into kicking out the controversial legislator out of his office for misusing his power to do as he pleases to the common mwananchi.

Lawyer Robi Chacha

The lawyer sought to garner support both from Embakasi East constituents and any other interested citizens in advocating for the possible impeachment of Babu Owino.

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He promised to draft a petition for the ousting of Babu Owino but only if he is able to garner impeachment votes from 30% of Embakasi East constituent and 15% from any other Kenyans outside the constituency.

Anyone here who is registered voter in Embaskasi East? I am willing to draft a petition for the removal of Babu Owino as MP as per Article 104 & the Elections Act. I’m sure we can mobilize the required 30% ( in constituency) and 15% (in ward)

Embattled Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino

Kenyans react

Both constituents and fellow Kenyans came out in support of Robi Chacha’s campaign to show Babu Owino the door and have him pay for his injustices.

Others however, held to the belief that this course is not for the faint-hearted because Babu Owino’s political circle is not one to mess with.

Meanwhile, a section was quick to blame the lawyer for mere clout chasing.

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