Baby mama culture: Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru have made a big mistake!

Thee Pluto and his woman, Felicity Shiru have made a huge mistake that they might not be able to walk back and it will impact her more than him as most things social go.

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You see, they are a young couple that’s in love and they want to deal with things from a romantic place of perspective. The problem is, while she can get away with being a romantic, he cannot especially since this isn’t his first time on the rodeo.

And what I mean by that is the fact that Thee Pluto is already a father of a child he is estranged from. We aren’t going to try and decipher why a woman would think it a good idea o keep her daughter estranged from her father if there is no child abuse involved. What we are going to acknowledge is that Thee man is acting out of desperation to restart a family… Well, either that or he didn’t learn a damn thing.

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As for Felicity Shiru, she should have been learning a different lesson from what her man is involved in; the fact that he was once in love with this other woman and things went all the way left.

And the moral of the story she should have taken from all that history is the fact that she could very easily be a single mother. That’s right, she could very well become a baby mama if things between her and her man do not work out.

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So she should have waited to marry before she carried. And I am not necessarily talking about a white wedding but a traditional wedding that saw her family and his come together and acknowledge them as a couple living as man and wife.

Why? Because this would be the best course of action to protect her and her daughter. Thee Pluto would have done the right thing the right way and now they would have not one but two clans brought together by their union. That provides that much more of a buffer to protect them against the wiles of life.

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Felicity Shiru would have been able to be protected by that extra level of responsibility and accountability being played on not just Thee Pluto but his family aswell.

I get it, they are young and in love and want to do things by the way of passion but life happens and relationships become stale and mundane. have they spoken to couples that have been together for 20 years? Have they spoken to their parents about conflict resolution options within their marriage? Thee Pluto needed to have covered all his bases too. Instead, the couple has embraced baby mama culture.

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