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Baby mama drama: Girl who baby trapped Bensoul demands respect

April 06, 2022 at 12:17
Baby mama drama: Girl who baby trapped Bensoul demands respect

Bensoul has a baby mama who is one furious mamajama! All of this stems from her being referred to as his baby mama, a term she doesn’t find endearing and actually argues that is is downright upsetting and insulting because even though her entire antic was simply baby trapping the star, she is more than a baby mama.

Bensoul’s baby mama refuses to be referred to as side chic, here’s why

For some context, allow me to revisit what happened. Some blog decided to share a video of Tiffany Muikamba (baby mama) dancing and referred to her as the side chic and she got emotional and jumped into their DMs demanding they put some respect on her name.

Bensoul’s soon to be baby mama

According to her, she was unaware Bensoul was in a relationship (a quick social media scan shows him constantly cheering, toasting and celebrating his girlfriend and their relationship) and as far as she was concerned, theirs was a love-story that was unfortunately shortlived.

Baby mama takes a swipe at Bensoul, mocks him for growing up without a dad

So if you are going to refer to her, she is to be referred to as “the mother of…” and at this point I had to laugh. Why you as? Because someone is literally being described in an apt way -as Bensoul’s side chic- but she is unhappy about the fact. She instead wants to rewrite history and demands that the rest of us play along to keep her from hurting her fee-fees. That;s not how life works and the unfortunate truth of it is that she will forever be known as Bensoul’s baby mama, the woman who baby trapped the Sauti Sol affiliate and signee.


This is clearly a case of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” because anyone who has enough foresight to plan for the next two years knows that her name will forever be suffixed by the phrase, “Bensoul’s baby mama” or better yet, “Bensoul’s former mistress”. It just comes with the territory. Am I saying she shouldn’t keep the baby? No. I am simply saying she shouldn’t have attempted to climb up the celebrity totem pole by baby trapping Bensoul.

Why only fools thought Bensoul would be dumped by his girlfriend

So what comes next for Ms Tiffany Muikamba? Well, she should start getting accustomed to being mentioned in nearly every social interaction that our crooner philanderer is involved in. He gets married? She will be brought up with bloggers wandering how she feels. He gets another child? She will be sought after for a comment. Even if she gets married, the headlines will read, “Bensoul’d former mistress/ baby mama ties the knot”.

Bensoul with sassy girlfriend Noni Gathoni

That is the prize she won herself when she decided to become Bensoul’s mistress. Them’s the breaks. Actions have consequences and her choosing to baby trap a man who is in a very public relationship will forever have her labelled as such. Is it fair? Damned if I know. But that is what is going to happen. Why? Because outside of her famous baby daddy, she is a nobody. She will forever be the groupie who was nice enough for a romp but not worth leaving his girlfriend for. But who knows, maybe after that relationship runs its course, Tiffany and Bensoul can finally become a couple.

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