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Baby mama takes a swipe at Bensoul, mocks him for growing up without a dad

April 04, 2022 at 13:23
Baby mama takes a swipe at Bensoul, mocks him for growing up without a dad

Bensoul’s baby mama is clearly not happy with her unborn baby’s dad – that is judging from the posts shared on social media. Okay okay, for those who don’t know… word making rounds in town is that Bensoul is about to become a dad.

Bensoul with girlfriend

Yes, the 24 year old singer has a baby on the way, with one of his former flings. From what we’ve heard is that the pregnant girl is from Mombasa – and the pregnancy unfortunately was a result of a one nightstand; however the girl, Tiffany Muikamba claims her relationship with Bensol was never a one nightstand as alleged – but all in all the good thing is that he promised to take responsibility of the unborn baby.

A few weeks down the line and the two are back to making headlines – thanks to the amount of shade they keep throwing at each other. Well from what we’ve seen is that Bensol and his girlfriend, Noni Gathoni can’t stop choking baby mama haters with their unbreakable love.

Bensoul’s baby mama

This became obvious after Bensol shared a short video of both him and girlfriend singing to Ginseng Strip 2002

… Bitches come and go, brah
But you know I stay

And that there ladies and gentlemen sounds like a diss aimed at someone who tried splitting them apart – but failed.

Baby mama hits back, hard

Well having seen the video and having most of her hormones work overtime now that she has a human growing inside her; Ms Muikamba decided to respond – but damn was she savage.

You see, she opted to share a post which we all know was aimed at Bensol – who once opened up about growing up without a dad around. In his own words Bensol described his relationship with his dad saying his mzee ako busy anarobosa huku tu Nairobi.

Words he probably never thought anyone would use against him until baby mama came along. Well, from what we can see is that Ms Muikamba recently threw some shade to her baby daddy in a post talking about deadbeats…but this time around she used his dad to hit back. Ouch. But again, hasira hasara.



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