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Baby number 3! Diamond’s mother speaks of being pregnant

September 28, 2018 at 11:30
Baby number 3! Diamond's mother speaks of being pregnant

Diamond Platnumz will be having a young brother or sister if her mother’s words are anything to go by. Sanura Sandra has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant.

For starters, Sanura has two children – Diamond and Esma Platnumz. Diamond and his other sister Queen Darleen only share same father but they have different mothers.

Apparently Sanura is pregnant for her young husband Rally Jones. She came out to confirm that she was indeed pregnant after her belly appeared bigger in latest photos making fans start the pregnancy rumors.

Diamond will get a baby sibling
Rally Jones and Sanura Sandra

Rally Jones and Sanura Sandra

Speaking during an interview, Sanura joked that her son will be getting a baby sibling in in due course. She said that wouldn’t have another baby after her unborn baby is born.

“Hahaa. Diamond atapata mdogo wake…basi subirieni mdogo wake wa mwisho,” said Sanura.




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