Baby on board! Weezdom shares new details about his pregnant wife

Mylee Staicey who is currently the official wife to weezdom is pregnant with their first child as revealed by former gospel singer Weezdom.

The singer announced this during his K24 interview where he mentioned that he has no plans to open an instagram account for his soon to be born baby. According to him publicize his baby like most of the celebrities in the world have been doing. He said,

Actually mimi nilikuwa nasema juzi, sko sure kama mtoto wangu nitamueka IG

Well, since no one expected him to drop such a bomb; one of the presenter quickly cut him short just to confirm what she had heard Weezdom say it’s true. The presenter asked;

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Kunae anakuja

Weezdom’s confirms wife is pregnant

Although this is the first time we can all agree that Weezdom spoke like a grown man; it appears that he is also ready to now raise a child of his own. However, unlike most celebs in Kenya i.e his friend Bahati who have instagram accounts for their kids; Wezzdom went on to mention that this will not happen in his home.

He went on to add that his child will decide on whether to join Instagram or not when he is old enough to figure it out on his own.

Eeh anacome lakini siko sure kama nitamueka Instagram mimi nataka agrow, akitaka kujoin IG ajoin. ju mi sidhani atawezana na msalamba wangu. Msalaba yangu ata saa hii inalemea wife ju wale watu wanitusi daily wanatusi wife yangu na hajui ni nini wanamuuliza.

Too soon?

The pregnancy news comes barely a year after the couple went public with their relationship which leave us wondering how long they have been together. However, there is no perfect planned time to have a child therefore it is not my place to raise a finger at Weezdom and yummy mummy Mylee!

Weezdom’s wife

Anyway, with all the pressure and insults Weezdom receives on a daily basis; we hope that this will not affect the young pregnant lady.

Watch the video below courtesy of K24’s switch TV.

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