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Baby rabies: Betty Kyallo is aware she is running out of time

March 16, 2021 at 11:07
Baby rabies: Betty Kyallo is aware she is running out of time

Betty Kyallo seems to have caught an aggressive case of baby rabies and her ovaries are bursting as they attempt to actualize their role and reason for existence: procreate. That is why she recently took to her social media account to declare this was the year she is going to put alot of emphasis into giving her daughter, Ivanka, a sibling.

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You see, this is actually an evolved response to our need as animals to continue not only our lineage but humanity itself. That is why sex isn’t just an emotion but a need and one of the strongest motivators for humanity.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo failed bikini photo

And in truth, Betty Kyallo’s urge for another child isn’t a bug but a feature of humanity’s operating system that was set in place to help us survive from back when our ancestors were fighting of predators and learning how to walk on their hind legs.

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And this is only made an even more pressing issue when you realize that Betty Kyallo, like alot of women, actually do have a biological clock because they have a limited number of years within which having healthy children is assured. I am not even talking about the fact that ovaries are numbered and will eventually run out. No, I am instead speaking to what doctors used to call geriatric pregnancies.

Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo

You see, Betty Kyallo is now thirty-two years old. This means that she has just three years until a pregnancy would not only be risky for the baby but her aswell. And that is not counting in the entire array of mental and developmental issues that can factor in. You see, this is the Bible where God has blessed Sarah to have children long after is normally humanly possible.

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By definition, that geriatric pregnancy I said Betty Kyallo would face is a pregnancy that occurs when a person is 35 years or older is known as an advanced maternal age pregnancy. In the medical world, it’s also sometimes known as a “geriatric pregnancy.”

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo’s daughter is also pressuring her to get another baby

And don’t get it twisted, modern medicine has made enough advances to be able to help pull through this miracle but it is still risky. The baby could end up with low birth weight, down syndrome, autism, there are higher risks of miscarriages, increased risk of preeclampsia, increased risks of complicated child birth and more often than not you will have to undergo a caesarean section.
But depending on how you look at things, the silver lining in all this is the fact that older mothers are more likely to have multiple babies -twins, triplets, you get the point.

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So Betty Kyallo’s hindbrain is probably beginning to sound alarms that for some reason, modern polite society likes to act like it’s not the place of a strong woman to admit to. Nesting is a natural inclination that science has shown women have. Tell your barking girlfriend who is letting you know she doesn’t have the instinct to shut up because she is a very small outlier who doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things. And science does not care for your fee-fees.

And she would be well advised to get on with it because even the option of invitro-fertilization has a woefully small success rate.

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