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Back To Love!- Natalie Tewa Introduces New Handsome Boyfriend (Photo)

August 26, 2022 at 13:07
Back To Love!- Natalie Tewa Introduces New Handsome Boyfriend (Photo)

Kenyan YouTuber Natalie Tewa has yet again fell in love after a nasty break-up with her ex-Ugandan boyfriend Moses Rnaze. Known for her outstanding travel content, the lass has garnered thousands of followers for her unique content.

For the latter reason, Natalie Tewa was rumoured to be dating a rich Mombasa-based politician. Rumour has it that Joho was the man in question, and even sponsored her travel vlogs around the world.

However, Natalie rubbished the rumours that she was an item with Joho, maintaining that she had enough to sponsor her lavish travel vlogs. She purported that there’s never been any evidence of the two getting intimate;

“People have always lied that I am dating this and this person but to say the truth, I have not dated any of those people you have linked me to,” Natalie said. “Even by having a business meeting with someone, it turns out that Natalie is on a date. Guys need to relax coz there is only one person,” she added.

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Natalie Tewa’s New Boyfriend

Despite the nasty fall-out with ex- Rnaze, Natalie is reportedly in love again. She recently shared a short clip of herself in tandem with the alleged new boyfriend, whose face is slightly visible, not forgetting to mention his long, bushy beards.


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