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Back to the streets? Risper Faith serving thirst traps days after claiming marriage is scam

August 31, 2022 at 15:31

Risper Faith is living life to the fullest! You see, a few days ago she went on to share a post talking about marriage being a scam. A quite popular saying that has been quoted by many after realizing there partners are cheating.

With the post (which she later deleted) we all assumed there’s trouble in paradise but since she did not share much…we also felt chances are that she’s clout chasing especially now that she hasn’t been making news. I mean, they all clout chase….look at Size 8 and husband DJ Mo…anything to remain relevant right?

Anyway now that she might be single, Risper Faith is busy parading acres of skin on her social media pages and to caption one of the posts she wrote kuwakunywa….and indeed she serving body goals.

Bringing her sexy back

Like i said, we cannot confirm whether her post  was based on her marriage with Brayo….but again why would she post that of its not describing her current situation with husband Brayo?

Well…whatever the case, Risper Faith is now entertaining her followers with thirst traps photos and with this Nairobi cold….I bet Bouchard wouldn’t have had it any other way. Like I said…she said implied it the  kuwakunywa caption right? Haya sasa…kazi Kwake. Check out the photos below.


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