Baha Seeks Loyalty & Intelligence In Next Partner, Prioritizing More Than Just Looks

Popular Kenyan content creator Tyler Mbaya, known as Baha, has shared his priorities for his future love life after separating from baby mama Georgina Njenga. While acknowledging the importance of physical attraction, Baha emphasizes that looks alone won’t win him over this time.

“I’m not looking for anything physical although it might play out,” Baha told his fans on social media. “I want someone intelligent, and loyal, and she should be my safe space. I want someone who can give me peaceful vibes.”

This shift in his focus reflects a desire for deeper connection and stability in his next relationship. Loyalty, intelligence, and the ability to create a calming and supportive environment are now at the top of his list.

The news comes after Baha and Georgina announced their amicable separation in July 2023. Shortly after, Georgina revealed a new relationship with a tattoo-matching partner, leaving fans wondering about Baha’s next steps.

While he remains tight-lipped about his current dating life, his open discussion about desired qualities in a partner offers a glimpse into his priorities. He seems eager to find someone who aligns with his values and complements his life beyond just outward appearances

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