Bahati and Diana Marua Address Farting Habits

Popular Kenyan couple Bahati and Diana Marua have addressed their farting habits in a recent YouTube video.

In the video, Bahati reveals that Diana never farted in front of him for the first two years of their relationship. However, he says that she has started farting more often in recent months, particularly after they come home from a party.

“I cannot continue making my lungs suffer,” Bahati jokes. “What you used to do is spray air freshener first before proceeding to do your ‘business’.”

Diana laughs off Bahati’s comments and says that she is just being more comfortable with him. She also says that she does not fart on purpose, and that it is just something that happens sometimes.

The couple’s video has sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with some people finding it funny and others finding it gross. However, the couple seems to be taking it all in good humor.

“We are just being ourselves,” Bahati says. “We are not trying to be anyone else.”

Diana adds, “We are just trying to show people that even celebrities are normal people.”

The couple’s video is a reminder that it is important to be comfortable with your partner, even when it comes to things like farting. It is also a reminder that everyone is different, and that what is normal for one person may not be normal for another.

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