Bahati and Diana Marua: loved by those who matter

Image: Couple, Diana Marua and Bahati

Diana Marua and her hubby Bahati are widely reviled and loved in equal measure. A quick glance at their social media accounts and you can easily establish.

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To those that revile the couple, it is because of Bahati’s over the top antics -sometimes he does the most egregious stunts for the sake of publicity. Another reason is that many think his wife, Diana Marua is not deserving of her husband. Yet another reason is because of the couple’s bad business practices.

bahati and diana marua

But whatever the case may be, Diana Marua and her husband are the darling of those that matter. Often, this group is made up of out of touch individuals who do not have their finger on the pulse of Kenyan culture or they simply do not care.

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That is why when you examine the number of endorsement deals the couple has, you cannot help but wonder. On the one hand, the amazement is at just how brilliant Bahati and Diana Marua’s business acumen is aswell as their good luck and on the other hand at just how innocuous this group is to public sentiment.

diana marua and bahati

At the end of the day, however, these are the only people who matter and Bahati has learnt to maintain nothing but glowing, warm and positive relations with them.

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That is why he is always involved in one campaign or another. It also serves as a testament to his work ethic and the fact that he gets results given how often Bahati is working with brands.


So all in all, this is a good example of getting priorities straight; not trying to ingratiate yourself with everyone but instead focusing on the right people because at the end of the day, not every opinion matters.



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