Bahati and Diana Marua: There are no real Kenyan celebrity role models

Image: Bahati

Bahati and Diana Marua are back again and they are opening their mouths for us to have to sift through the sheer load of bullshit to determine where the gems of what they have to say lie. And that is often a tough ask because while it is said a broken clock is right twice a day (one of my mentors said that this week), having to sift through mounds of dung to find just two gems is troubling.

Diana Marua and Bahati expose each other’s dirty secrets on their 5th anniversary

Bahati and Diana Marua are celebrating one of their relationship milestones and one of the things he mentioned was that he was aware that when they were newlyweds, right after the birth of his firstborn daughter, they had a fight and Diana Marua decided to go and stay with her ex-boyfriend.

Music star, Kevin Bahati

I slapped my laptop. I cannot believe the amount of cow dung I have to sift through just for me to come through with some serious advice and opinions for you, dear reader.

“Iteni Diana achukue haka…” Bahati attacked after siding with DJ Mo on cheating scandal

You see, there is nothing of value to be gleaned from the Bahatis nonsense. Nothing Bahati and Diana Marua said was worth anything more than entertainment. Do not take it seriously and do not attempt to apply the nonsense advice they give to your life because it will end up a derailed and a wreck.

The lesson I need us to focus on is the fact that none of our Kenyan celebrities is a role model. Not DJ Mo nor Size 8 and definitely not Bahati nor his missus. And that is the lesson. Go away.

Bahati and his missus
Diana Marua with Bahati

Seriously though, there has been a spate of incidences in which Kenyans either look up to celebrities and idolize them or compare their lives to those of celebrities. And I have seen young boys and girls, young men and women do the same thing. This is why you will have our celebrities occasionally come out to remind their audiences that they should not be looked upto as role models.

Bahati's wife
Mrs Bahati

And my oh my, no year has stressed the fact that our stars crack quite like 2020. In twenty-twenty, we have seen all our favourite stars get exposed for either being kept women who are living large on the budget of certain governors while others have been caught wit their pants down and not to be outdone, we have to celebrities in Bahati and Diana Marua’s form just opening themselves up to ridicule for the sake of publicity. Then Bahati will walk all around these internet streets huffing and puffing, demanding Timmy TDat respect his wife…

“Hiyo kufura umefura isikudanganye” Bahati threatens Timmy Tdat following disrespectful comment


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