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Bahati and his wife arguing about his ability to satisfy her says alot

July 28, 2020 at 06:22
Bahati and his wife arguing about his ability to satisfy her says alot

Bahati and his wife recently shared a clip online in which a clearly insecure Bahati was asking his wife about the number of times her has made her achieve a climax from their sexual congress.

I kid you not, this is what she and Bahati are busy discussing for the sake of views but it did indeed bring into focus a truth we already knew about Bahati… He was not in the frame of mind to get married and his lack of experience is telling a clear story men should learn from.

Diana Marua will always be Bahati’s Achilles heel

And that is that before you finally to get married, ensure you go out into the world and enjoy the best bachelorhood has to offer because at the end of the day that is all that will give you the experience you need to handle such nonsense.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Well, that and Bahati really had no business marrying a woman with more experience than he did when it came to dating and sex. But we will circle back here later.

Why Diana Marua’s feeling the pressure of Yvette Obura looking sexier

For now, the focus is Bahati who lacks any experience with women outside of Yvette Obura and Diana Marua. That is why he allows his wife to lead him and why they are on the interwebs debating their sex life and we are all just sitting down and wondering when his masculine energy will flow and take charge.
At the end of the day, while we understand they are in the business of looking for views, there has too be a line they aren’t going to cross because one day their children will sit down and view these clips whether or not they get pulled down off Youtube. Why? Because the internet never forgets.

bahati and diana marua

The Bahatis

And a man who has had his fill of women before deciding to settle down is at a better place to resist his urges when other attractive women come his way and try to distract him from his family.

Also, such a man knows how to handle the female form so some of these insecurities. And he understands that such topics aren’t for him to explore with his wife because should she answer it, she will doubtless lie. And Bahati will be lucky to have Diana Marua lie because the alternative is him picturing one of her high profile exes making her achieve an orgasm -the same one he is incapable of making her achieve. So why go there?


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