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Bahati Bukuku reveals miscarriages & childlessness forced husband to divorce her

August 31, 2022 at 08:55
Bahati Bukuku reveals miscarriages & childlessness forced husband to divorce her

Women facing infertility issues have always had it rough when it comes to marriage. I am sure you’ve heard of such stories or better yet have experienced the rejection that comes with childlessness.

Actually this is something that has had been there from way back and I am told…back then having a daughter was actually equal to having a child. Husbands and their families were focused on the boy child but look – all these toxic believes are slowly fading away and with Gen Z…I bet the next generation won’t really care much about having kids or even leaving their spouses because they can’t conceive.

Singer Bahati Bukuku

Anyway before we get there, Bahati Bukuku has left many in disbelief after revealing that her husband left her for not having kids. Yes – if still you’re wondering whether married couples are still parting ways in 2022 because of infertility…guess what it’s happening and Bahati Bukuku understands this very well.

Speaking about her marital woes – the gospel singer opened up to reveal what caused her marriage to fail; and from what she said is that;

I used to get pregnant and get miscarriages. That is when my marriage started getting cracks because he would get different opinions from people. That is what led to my divorce.

Relatives contribute to divorce

The gospel singer went on to add that apart from her husband pressuring her to have kids; she also had to deal with outsiders who kept pestering her to try and conceive. Call them womb watchers.

Bahati Bukuku

My marriage was also broken by outsiders’ advice

With the pressure growing but still no sign of pregnancy – Bahati Bukuku says she faced one of the toughest experiences ever. However unlike others, Bukuku says she never let depression control her because in the end…there are lessons to be learnt and a new chapter to start from.

I passed through such a hard time. No one loves stress but the devil knows that for peace not to exist there must be challenges.


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