Bahati & Diana Marua Postpone Wedding, Promise New Date Soon

Kenyan artists Bahati Kioko and Diana Marua announced the postponement of their wedding, originally scheduled for December 12th. The couple shared a joint message on their Instagram pages after attending a friend’s wedding as guests.

They revealed that December 12th was intended to be their big day, but “due to unavoidable circumstances” they were forced to reschedule. They promised to unveil a new date soon.

“Today was supposed to be our wedding day but… Congratulations to our friends @Directorritchie and @RenaSolomon. We are happy to be part of your celebration and are taking notes for our own big day! New Wedding Dates Coming Soon…,” Bahati wrote.

However, fans were confused due to a playful performance by the couple. Photos and videos circulating from their friend’s wedding showed Bahati and Diana at the front of the procession, walking slowly like a bride and groom. Diana carried flowers and wore a white shawl, while Bahati wore a suit, further solidifying the impression of them being the bride and groom.

This playful act led to some fans expressing confusion, believing Diana and Bahati were the actual couple getting married.

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