Bahati and Diana Marua retreat to Zanzibar after causing a storm with Baby Mueni (photos)

Bahati and his sweetheart have travelled to Zanzibar Island leaving behind a mess they caused when they unveiled baby Mueni Bahati.

For starters, Bahati fathered a daughter with a certain Kisha Yvette Obura some two years ago. There were rumors in 2015 about Bahati impregnating a girl but the gospel singer denied it all until a few days ago when he admitted that he indeed sired a girl – Bahati Mueni with Kisha.

Mueni Bahati’s unveiling however started a chain reaction that saw her biological mother and several other people getting involved.

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Diana and Bahati have definitely breathed a great sigh of relief after they flew out of the country, far away from the tumult of shouts and screams.

The two lovebirds retreated to Zanzibar a day ago, they shared photos of their retreat at the famous Indian Ocean archipelago on social media.


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