Bahati & Diana Reveal Hefty Price Of Their ‘Wash Wash’ Outfits

Kenyan musical royalty Bahati and his stunning wife Diana Marua turned heads at Terrence Creative’s “Wash Wash” show with their jaw-dropping, custom-made leather outfits. The elaborate pieces, costing a cool Ksh826,000 (Diana’s playful correction to Bahati’s initial Ksh750,000 estimate), proved their commitment to pushing fashion boundaries.

Their Instagram posts offered a glimpse into the luxurious ensemble, leaving many wondering if these designer looks were a hint of things to come. Could “The Bahati’s Designs” be the next big thing in Kenyan fashion? Their playful question on social media certainly set the rumor mill churning.

Whether it’s their chart-topping hits or their extravagant style, Bahati and Diana know how to command attention. Their “Wash Wash” appearance was no exception, sparking lively conversation about celebrity spending, the value of artistic expression, and the ever-evolving Kenyan fashion scene.

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