Bahati Exposes Diana Marua’s Behaviour Of Denying Him Conjugal Rights For Days (Video)

Image: Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

The Bahatis are on the spotlight once again after an explicit revelation by musician Kevin Kioko during doctor Ofweneke’s show recently.

The Bahatis have had a successful relationship which has lasted for years. The two sweethearts even had a reality show together to flaunt their real lives and inspire couples.

But just like many other couples, they’ve had their numerous ups and downs. On several occasions, they showcase their exorbitant lives together.

Diana Not Cooperating

When you’re close or in love with someone, there’s always one thing they do that always pisses you off. It may be one or two.

And Bahati has now come clean on the only thing that pisses him off with Diana.

He claims he gets all the King treatment from his exquisite wife, apart from denial of conjugal rights. He revealed that it takes time for Diana to cooperate and allow to get laid.

“Yeye hukawia kabla anige(She takes long before giving me)”

Bahati also divulged in the same interview that she chose Diana to be his lover because of her maturity. They have a 3 year age gap between them. And they’re still hanging on in their relationship.

They recently announced that they’re expecting yet another child together.

Watch Bahati’s full video below:

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