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Bahati finally speaks, reveals all is not well

September 23, 2022 at 13:19
Bahati finally speaks, reveals all is not well

Bahati has been missing since he lost the Mathare MP seat. For a minute we all assumed he needed a needed a break especially with all that fatigue from his campaigning days.

However its been weeks and being one who was active on social media, of course everyone noticed and the questions started flowing. Well – after weeks of asking whether all is good, turns out that the Bahati’s are dealing with something but mostly its about his wife, Diana Marua.

According to reports shared online – Bahati recently spoke to Nairobi News where she revealed his wife hasnt been okay; but unlike other times – he did not disclose much on what happened or is happening to his pregnant wife.

However a while back, Marua had revealed that her pregnancies get complicated during the last trimester due to a condition called Symphysis pubis dysfunction. According to Marua, the condition is so bad that walking becomes a problem for her.

I have a condition called Symphysis pubis dysfunction, where a lot of pressure is exerted on my pelvis.


Even when I am at 7 or 8 months, I can’t walk. Baha has to turn me. That is what I was looking back at that was depressing me and cause I wasn’t prepared, I wasn’t ready to get back to that journey.

Tough pregnancy journey

Having struggled with her other two pregnancies, Marua had earlier confessed to her sister Mitch that the 3rd pregnancy just happened since it had been planned.

Ilikam unexpectedly. Out of the blues, this happened

But her (Diana) biggest problem wasnt the pregnancy but the experience she has to face throughout the whole journey;

I feel like I have suffered for long. I’ve gone through so much, kutoka hizo time nilikuwa sick and all that. I feel like I got into depression.

But seeing Marua’s last post on IG – we honestly dont know what to think.


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