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Bahati is going to be the next gospel artist to turn secular

July 07, 2020 at 09:10
Bahati is going to be the next gospel artist to turn secular

Bahati has seemingly been flirting with the secular world of the entertainment scene. The gospel star has been putting out collaborative songs done with secular singers and this is actually a pattern we have seen before.

The pattern was first started by none other than his arch-nemesis, Willy Paul. And as a result, whenever we see artists begin to put out music that is skirting the line between secular and gospel, our antennae shoot up. Add to that the fact that we then begin to see gospel artists also begin to do collabos with secular artists, the bell has begun to toll.

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Bahati on his part decided to make music with Gengetone’s biggest stars. And this move did indeed extend his presence in our minds because it fanned the argument of secular vs gospel collaborations. Beyond that, however, it muddies the water as his songs are now confusing their main audience: born again Christians.

bahati with weezdom

And perhaps it is at this juncture that Bahati should bow out of the gospel arena and focus on giving us purely secular music. If anything, him copying Willy Paul will work because Willy Pozze already showed the way. he also bore the brunt of the detractors so there really wouldn’t be much to say in way of rebukes.

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Bahati would also begin to focus on marketing a wider variety and range of commodities and services because now instead of purely focusing on working with telecom companies and mobile phone manufacturers, he could also begin to sell alcohol beverages on his page. He could even go as far as begin to take part in HIV/ AIDS awareness campaigns as well as safe-sex campaigns.


So really, be disembarking the gospel bus, Bahati wouldn’t hurt financially. Another thing that he could do is that he could easily win back some measure of authority with his fanbase who have shifted towards not trusting him, instead seeing him as a hypocrite and charlatan.

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So what will it be Bahati? Will you take the plunge?



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